Cuckoo Tree Climbing and Other Crazy Adventures

Five Things I did on my walk !

Saw something vintage I LIKED this super beetle punch bug

Ran into someone’s yard and snapped this shot and ran away

Saw a house that had a busted room and a police do not cross sign

Climbed a tree

Bothered my sister and made her scream


Fun Fall Toms Giveaway

 Fabulously Awesome Tom’s Give away! My first give away will be a size 1.5 pair of         Tom’s shoes in golden rod corduroy this is a very cool color and it is pretty hard to        find unless you order them from the Toms web site. They are unisex! So the contest    begins now and ends October the 2nd 2011.

This is all that you have to do

1. Leave a comment on this blog on any of the posts.

2. Leave a comment on my brother Hamzah’s Blog

3. Leave a comment on my mom’s blog

4. Tell us why you would like to get the shoes for example that they would be for.

5. Finally tell us why you think the Tom’s idea was a good one.

This contest is open to everyone, friends, blog readers, teachers, family and whoever else wants the Toms and has a little one to give them too. I will ship international no problem at all. This is my mom’s idea and she is sponsoring it on her blog.  I think it is pretty cool.

Welcome Children Welcome All!


I have been reading 2 books.  One is called At play and the other is called Soldiers and Sailors.  I think they are cool!

At play is my favorite because it is vintage and has great art work from a long time ago. I bought both books at a vintage flea market with my mom last weekend.  It was real boring at that flea market and I entertained myself by saying,  “Look mom there is a stupid blythe doll.”  I saw a cool dog that licked me in the face.  I like At Play more than the other book because At Play is fun to read because it has many stories and cool awesome art.

I think Solider is lame because they make it look like fun to go fight and it is not fun to have a war.  War isn’t fun because people get hurt. My mom likes everything vintage, but it is all a bunch of junk except Vintage Star wars action figures.

My First Painting

This is my first painting I did.  I drew a knight fighting a dragon.  I also drew a gorilla trying to get up to fight the dragon.  I made my picture with oil paint and brushes that I got from a garage sale with my mom.  I like art because it is very cool.  I like to be creative.  I like to draw pictures.  Art is a big part of my day.  My mom made me an “art studio” on our back porch.  I like to make up stories to go along with my pictures.  The story that goes with this picture is that there were dragons who took the king and princess hostage and the knights were trying to save them.  The knight at the top was set on fire before the other knights could help him, but the other knights were able to kill the dragon and save the princess and the king.